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Registered Forester Exam Prep
Moodle Course

Exam prep Moodle courses are offered starting
4 weeks prior to the date of the next exam.

Moodle Course Overiew:
The Exam Prep is series of nine modules, which include 1 or more webinars that cover the major topics tested by the NC Board of Registration for Foresters (Level 1 and Level 2). The exam prep modules will review the knowledge and skills that are provided during a traditional Society of American Foresters accredited undergraduate degree. Each module is provided as an on-demand offering which can be viewed, downloaded and printed at any time while the course is active. Below is the list of modules being offered:

  1. dendrology, physiology, nutrition, reproduction and genetics
  2. forest ecology, wildlife and ecosystems
  3. forest economics, taxes and wood valuation
  4. forest health, pests, pathogens
  5. general forestry knowledge
  6. history, law, policy, and social issues
  7. measurements, mensuration, statistics and remote sensing
  8. silviculture, soils, hydrology, BMP, RxFire
  9. wood anatomy and products

Please note that the exam prep materials do not originate from, nor are they endorsed by, the NC Board of Registration for Foresters. Completion of any, or all, of the webinars does not ensure a passing grade by those who take the exam.

This series of modules was created for persons who qualify to sit for the State of North Carolina registered forester exam as administered by the NC Board of Registration for Foresters (NCBRF).

Webinar Technology and Delivery:
The modules with their webinars and supporting resources, are available starting Monday, August 1, 2016 to view as often as you wish through Tuesday, August 30, 2016 (night before the exam day). The course content is delivered via a Wolfware Moodle Server which is compatible with all Internet browsers from a desktop or laptop PC or MAC (not recommended for mobile devices). In total, you will have access to over 100 publications and learning sites which allow you to do additional study, work problems, and test your knowledge in preparation for the exam.

Registration and Fees:
Advanced registration and a payment of $95 is required. Payment can be made using a major credit card (sorry, no checks or invoices). Once payment is made you will receive log-in credentials needed to have access to the server.